Bomb Point Fitness Trail

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Duration: 00:30:00

'Mind and Body' was a 2015 PE/Health and English module at Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

We were a group of year 9 and 10 students who worked together within this class with an aim and goal to produce a Hobsonville Point community fitness trail suitable for people of all ages and physical skill levels. We put a lot of research and experimentation into this exciting project to produce an enjoyable and beneficial trail which would help many people within our new and growing community.

We hope for our trail to increase awareness about physical and mental well-being in our fitness trail users, while learning in school about how to maintain our own well-being as students. General well-being is important for all human beings and if not closely looked after and maintained, harm can be done to the irresponsible individual. We wanted to prevent this from happening to people and that is one of the main reasons of why we created the fitness trail.

Over two school terms, we were all constantly excited and enthusiastic about developing this fun, awesome fitness trail for our growing NZ community. Now that it is up and running, we hope that you will enjoy it and be greatly benefited.

Happy fitness training! :)

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