My Village - Lo’u Nu’u

11 Stops
Duration: 00:40:00
Distance: 1100

Pasifika Greetings and welcome to My Village - Lo’u Nu’u. This talanoa & savalivali is presented to you by Pasifika Urban Street Historian Sofi Ulugia-Pua and his a’iga (family).

Presented as 12 short audio stories My Village - Lo’u Nu’u takes you on a journey back to the 1970s at a time when Pacific Island people were moving to the shores of Aotearoa and Karangahape Road was at the centre of our community life.

Listen to the first one on this page then come along on a journey from one end of the road to the other and get a sense of how it was and what it meant to be brown in Auckland in that time.

At some stops we offer a song recomendation with a link to the song on Spotify or YoutTube. You can listen to the song as you walk between stops.

Acoustic Instrumental by Nathanial Alexander-Pua
Narrators: Sofi Ulugia-Pua & Iosefa Ulugia-Pua

Transcripts for the audio at each stop are available by clicking on the lines to the right of the audio file.

Cover photo adapted from a CC-BY image by Basil Williams, Karangahape Road, 1973, held in the Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections, item no.1727-046

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